The harsh winters we experience here in Indiana typically bring heavy snow along with them. If left untouched, that heavy snow can be hazardous for the employees and customers that enter your commercial property. The most convenient way to keep your property free of snow is to hire your local landscaping team to remove it for you. When you are searching for a commercial snow removal service, you need to make sure that the company you choose is reliable, will clear all parts of your property, and offers deicing services as well.

1. Is this company reliable?

Our professional removing snow from a sidewalk in Carmel, IN.

When you try to figure out if the company you want to hire is reliable, the real question you're asking is "will they show up when they say they will?" Finding a company that does what say they're going to do is essential, especially when it comes to snow removal. You need a company that will show up early in the morning before you, your employees, and your customers arrive; if they say they will and they don't, you will be stuck with the extra responsibility of digging yourself and your car out of the snow. Hiring a snow removal service is rather pointless when you have to clear the snow yourself anyways. When a snow removal team isn't reliable, it simply creates more stress for you and your company; do yourself a favor and double-check that you can trust the snow removal company you hire to show up and do the job on time.

2. Will they clear all parts of your property?

Our professionals removing snow off of a walkway at a commercial property in Fishers, IN.

The next thing you need to find out before hiring a commercial snow removal service is if the company will clear all parts of your property or not. Many companies that offer snow removal services will only clear snow from your parking lot and leave the rest of your property untouched. In this situation, you are left to take care of the snow left behind. When you are researching snow removal companies, make sure that they plan to clear your entire property, not just certain aspects of it; that includes your parking lot, sidewalks, entryways, steps, and all other high-traffic areas surrounding your business. This will ensure that the job is done completely and that there will be no leftover snow for you to deal with.

Another thing you should look for in a snow removal service is a 2-inch trigger (or less) so snow doesn't build up on your property.

3. Does their snow removal service include deicing?

A a recently cleared and deiced parking lot in Noblesville, IN.

The third thing you should keep in mind when looking for a commercial snow removal service is whether or not it also includes deicing. Deicing is an extremely important part of snow removal; after all, slippery ice can cause car accidents in your parking lot or falling hazards in your walkways and entrances. If ice is just as potentially dangerous as snow, wouldn't you want it removed from your property as well? Keep your eye out for a company that offers full-service snow removal that includes deicing. That way, you won't have to worry about the hazardous ice left behind after they clear the snow from your property.

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