Because our lawn mowing and maintenance schedule will begin in a little more than a month, we thought it would be a good time to discuss some of our top lawn mowing and maintenance practices.

Here at Spider Lawn & Landscape, our lawn mowing services begin in late March and run through late October or early November depending on the year's weather conditions. We mow both residential and commercial lawns in Westfield, Carmel, and Westfield, IN.

As you prepare to recruit our lawn mowing and maintenance services, here are three practices we implement to keep your residential or commercial lawn in pristine condition.

1. We don't skip out on any part of the lawn maintenance process.

Some homeowners will mow their lawns themselves but fail to perform the rest of the lawn maintenance process. When you recruit our team, we won't skip out on any of the essential components of lawn maintenance. You'll receive comprehensive string-trimming and edging services in addition to regular lawn mowing visits.

Edging and string-trimming give your residential or commercial landscape a manicured look.

Our team shows up on every scheduled visit to complete a thorough job. Plus, we complete each visit by cleaning up after ourselves. We blow grass clippings back onto your grass to provide it with additional nutrients that will help it grow green and lush.

2. We ensure our lawn mowers always have sharp blades.

If you mow your lawn with a mower that has a dull blade, you will tear the grass rather than cutting it clean. Torn blades will cause your lawn to lose moisture easily and appear discolored.

Our team always uses well-maintained equipment to preserve the health and appearance of your grass.

It's our job to provide premier service to clients throughout central Indiana, so we prioritize the maintenance of our equipment. In addition to maintaining our lawn mowers, we ensure that our other pieces of equipment, including edgers and string trimmers, are in the best condition possible.

3. We keep your grass at the proper height.

Close up of a lawn in Noblesville that has been mowed to the proper height.

Simply mowing your grass by using a mower with sharp blades isn't enough to keep it healthy. We work to keep your grass at the proper height. Depending on your property's specific grass, we keep it at a height of around 2 to 4 inches. Some grasses common to our Indiana region include Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, and Kentucky Bluegrass. Our team is knowledgeable of these cool-season grasses and knows what heights they perform best at.

Are you looking for regular lawn mowing and maintenance services? Call our team today.

Though the lawn mowing season isn't in full swing yet, it's not too early to start searching for the right company to complete the job.

Whether you perform your lawn mowing yourself or recruit a lawn maintenance company to do it, lawn mowing is most effective when the proper practices are implemented.

To ensure the job is done right, call our team today at (317) 900-7151. We offer expert and routine lawn mowing and maintenance services for properties in Westfield, Carmel, and Noblesville, IN.