If you are the proud owner of a cat or dog, you want to keep them as safe as possible while still offering them the freedom to explore your property. If you reside in Carmel or nearby cities such as Westfield and Noblesville, IN, be sure to check out the following four plants that are safe for dogs and cats.

1) Your dog or cat will love pet-friendly sunflowers.

Sunflower seeds aren't just for humans! They are safe to eat for dogs and cats. Dogs, in particular, have been known to like the nutty taste that sunflower seeds provide. Even though we don't typically eat the rest of a sunflower, the entire plant is completely non-toxic. If your dog or cat wants to chew on or eat all of a sunflower's components, they can do so without worrying you!

Most types of sunflowers bloom annually, meaning they won't grow back in the next growing season. However, we can help maintain their bright bloom during the year so your pets can freely enjoy this plant's flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems.

2) Petunias make for good groundcover in a pet-friendly landscape.

Dog in Noblesville, IN, playing in a flower bed.

These pretty flowers are inviting to a curious house pet. They bloom for months on end and come in a variety of colors. All parts of a petunia are safe for consumption by dogs and cats, so you are free to use them as a bedding plant or groundcover for your pet-friendly landscape.

To ensure they look their best, most petunias require regular fertilizer and watering. Some types need more attention than others in terms of deadheading. No matter your petunias' needs, our landscaping team can give them the attention they deserve.

3) Snapdragons' flowers and stalks are safe for your dog or cat to consume.

Snapdragons are tubular flowers that come in bright and pastel colors including purple, white, pink, red, peach, and orange. They require consistent moisture and plenty of sunlight to reach their full growth potential. If your cat or dog consumes any part of a snapdragon, whether it be the flowers or stalks, there is no danger present to them. Snapdragons, because they are fragile perennials, require adequate attention to grow successfully as annual flowers.

Our landscape maintenance crew offers the care they deserve to maintain snapdragons and other landscape plants during the year.

4) Houseleeks are ideal succulents for a pet-friendly landscape.

Houseleeks are great pet-friendly landscape perennials. If you want something to complement your xeriscape, these kinds of plants will fit in well. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and are very resistant to drought. Even though they are succulents, they still require a certain degree of maintenance. Houseleeks will grow well with a lot of sun exposure and well-draining soil. We are prepared to provide the maintenance that these pet-friendly houseleeks demand.

Unsure of how to maintain a pet-friendly landscape? Give us a call today!

Keeping your landscape looking nice can be difficult, to begin with, and ensuring that it's safe for your cat or dog can present additional challenges. If you're unsure of how to maintain a pet-friendly landscape, we at Spider Lawn & Landscape are here to help. Give our expert landscapers in Carmel and surrounding Indiana communities, such as Noblesville and Carmel, a call today at (317) 900-7151 to take the work out of maintaining your pet-friendly yard.