Fertilizer provides important nutrients for your lawn and plants. When applied with the right ratio and at the right time of year, fertilizer treatments can make a drastic difference in the appearance and health of your lawn.

Below you will find some important reasons why you need to fertilize your lawn in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and other surrounding Indiana areas.

Fertilization leads to fuller, healthier grass.

Well-fertilized grass in Noblesville that we treated with a custom blended fertilizer.

Fertilizer is made of three primary macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each serves a different purpose and depending upon the season, treatments will vary in their composition to target certain needs.

The nitrogen provides the rich, green look that most homeowners crave. There are also various micronutrients present in most products that help with seed production, root strength, and more.

Overall, grass will grow to a fuller, healthier state with fertilizer. The root systems will be enriched by the nutrient-rich soil beneath it. The grass will be greener and fuller with scheduled treatments.

Fertilizer helps grass resist weeds.

Once a healthier root system is established, it will become more difficult for weeds to move in. Weeds require root space and nutrients from the soil just as grass does. Strong, well-fed grass stands a much better chance at pushing out any weeds as they try to take root.

Often the weeds will also benefit from fertilizer. After all, they’re plants, too! That's why our fertilizer program also includes weed control. Our fertilization and weed control plans are administered in four to six treatments throughout the year.

We test your soil ourselves in order to create a custom-blended fertilizer that gives your grass the exact nutrients it needs.

Well-fed grass better resists pests and recovers from damage more quickly.

This lawn in Westfield, IN will be better able to resist pests, thanks to fertilizer.

If left unabated, pests can lay waste to lawn and landscaping. A good lawn pest control program is the most effective way to rid your property of pesky critters, but proper fertilization can play a role in the fight.

When grass is properly fertilized, it will stand a better chance at resisting pests. Your grass will also recover more quickly and regrow after damage occurs. Occasionally, an over-fertilized yard will see an increase in the insect population, so it’s important to bring in professionals to manage the job.

Healthy grass can lower temperatures in the surrounding air.

One fact not commonly known is that grass absorbs large amounts of heat. A simple test to prove the theory would work as follows: visit a blacktop parking lot on a really hot day. Then, return home and stand in your yard. That’s right, the lawn is cooler.

That’s because lawns can absorb up to 50% of the heat that reaches it. The healthier the lawn, the cooler the air surrounding it will be. Especially in warmer climates, it pays to fertilize your lawn.

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