Mulch is a surefire way to help your native plants thrive. It acts as a fertilizer, keeps pests at bay, and helps your plants recover from a long winter.

Here at Spider Lawn & Landscape, we install mulch and other ground covers all year-round, except in winter, for your property in Westfield, Noblesville, and Carmel, IN. While our team is available to replenish mulch in the summer and fall, the most popular time to do so is in the spring.

Below, you can check out three reasons why your mulch should be refreshed in spring.

1. Mulch helps restore your landscape beds' aesthetic appeal.

After a bare winter, spring is the perfect time to liven up your landscape beds. Through our mulch installation services, our team restores your landscape beds' aesthetic appeal.

Some of our most common mulch options include shredded hardwood and dyed mulch. We help you choose the type of mulch that best matches your landscape's layout.

Mulch is a great way to polish your landscape's look after the suppressed growth that winter may have brought.

2. Mulch will help you save money on your water bill.

Installing mulch in a landscape bed in Noblesville, IN.

Mulch undoubtedly offers great visual benefits. It also has notable functional advantages that some landscape owners may be unaware of.

Mulch is known for its ability to retain a significant amount of moisture. It minimizes evaporation by blocking the soil's access to the sun. Mulch also does a great job of preventing water runoff.

As it begins to heat up outside, your landscape will require more water. By getting your mulch replenished, you will be giving your landscape the best chance possible at water retention. This way, you won't have to water it as frequently and you'll save money on your water bill.

Here in Indiana, the rainy months occur in the summertime. By getting a headstart on mulch installation in the spring, your soil will be able to more effectively retain all of the rain that June and July will bring to your landscape.

3. Mulch promotes the growth of new plants.

If you plan on installing new plants this spring, mulch will promote the growth of new plants. New mulch will:

  • Promote biological activity: Mulch invites earthworms, micro-organisms, and other plant-friendly creatures to your landscape beds.
  • Suppress weeds: Mulch prevents weeds from growing and competing with your plants.
  • Provide structural support: Mulch offers structural support to young seedlings. Give them an advantage and allow them to reach their full growth potential by opting for expert mulch installation services.

Get in touch with one of our team members to learn how mulch installation can fit in with your plans for new landscaping installation.

Are you interested in replenishing your mulch this spring? Contact us today.

We proudly serve residential and commercial properties in Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, and the surrounding areas. Our team prepares your entire landscape beds to survive for the long term and restores their aesthetic appearance through our mulch installation services and replenishment. If you are interested in professional mulch and rock installation services, contact one of our expert mulchers at (317) 900-7151.