Many different things could attract pests to your property in Indiana; from rotting grass to standing water, there could be any number of situations that are causing these unwanted visitors. One of the most common and preventable causes of these infestations is leaf piles. Moist, dark leaf piles are the perfect places for pests such as spiders, ants, and rodents to inhabit. Leaf piles also provide warmth and insulation for these critters, as well as an excellent food source for them. The best way to rid yourself of the burden of these infestations is to get rid of the leaves piling up in your yard. By clearing the leaf piles overtaking your lawn, you will be removing areas that these pests like to hide and breed in.

Pests are attracted to dark and moist areas such as leaf piles.

A leaf pile in need of removal on a property in Fishers, IN.

Think about the last time you picked up leaves from your yard; you probably wore gloves simply because the leaves were clumping together with moisture. That moisture is exactly what attracts unwanted critters to your lawn. Dark, wet piles of leaves are like a safe haven for pests such as mice, rats, earwigs, ants, and even snakes! Rodents are well known for carrying and spreading diseases and snakes always have the potential to be poisonous or venomous. Nobody likes unwarranted visitors, particularly when they could possibly be poisonous or otherwise dangerous to you or your family members. Protect your loved ones and prevent unsafe infestations by having your leaf piles removed by your local lawn care team.

Leaf Piles Provide Warmth and Insulation

A pest in a pile of leaves on a potential customer's property in Noblesville, IN.

If you were an insect or rodent, where would you prefer to live during the chillier months? Would you rather stay protected from the cold in a warm, insulated pile of leaves, or seek habitation with less protection? The cozy leaf pile would be the obvious choice. Besides the fact that the warmth and insulation provided by leaf piles keep pests alive, it keeps the main food sources for these pests alive as well. For example, rodents often feast upon insects and overgrown vegetation, which are both more than common in moist, dark places like leaf piles. Because leaf piles attract insects such as ants and earwigs, you are therefore inviting the critters that feed on these insects to infest your property as well. Do your yard a favor and call your local leaf removal professionals to remove your leaf piles today.

Pests Use the Leaves as a Food Source

In addition to eating whatever else lives in leaf piles, pests can also use the leaves themselves as a food source. Unfortunately, this encourages an even larger ecosystem to grow within your yard's leaf piles. The best way to keep your lawn safe from these infestations is to remove the piles of leaves from your property. Landscaping companies are more than happy to service your lawn and clear out all leaves and pests safely and efficiently.

Creatures like snails, worms, and pillbugs often find wet, moldy leaf piles to be a delicacy.

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Piles of moist, dark, moldy leaves can quickly become pest magnets over time. By removing leaf piles from your yard, you will make it less likely that your lawn becomes infested with insects, rodents, and other pests. Our lawn care professionals at Spider Lawn & Landscape provide leaf removal services to property owners in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and throughout the surrounding areas of Indiana. Give us a call today at (317) 900-7151 to schedule our leaf removal service. We look forward to helping you clear your property of leaves so that you won't have to worry about pests making them their home.