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Aeration machine working at a Carmel lawn.

Aeration & Seeding Services In Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, & Fishers, IN Areas

Foster healthy soil and fuller grass growth with our fall core aeration and overseeding services that help your lawn achieve its optimal health.

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Lawn aeration & seeding services in Noblesville, Carmel, IN and the surrounding areas.

Our fall aeration and seeding services produce healthier soil that supports healthy, green grass growth.

We offer professional lawn aeration and seeding services resulting in full lawn restoration. Our process produces healthier soil capable of supporting healthier, thicker, greener grass. New seeds will be spread throughout your lawn which will germinate and grow stronger when accompanied by our core aeration service.

We are an experienced crew with many aeration and seeding projects under our belts in Noblesville, Carmel and Westfield. We also serve Fishers and other Indiana areas.

A recently aerated lawn in Noblesville, IN.

Our Lawn Aeration Machine Restores Soil, Allows Water, Light, & Air to Penetrate

The process of restoring a lawn often begins with core aeration using a lawn aerator tool. Our machine has mechanical spines that poke holes into the soil. The new channels help eliminate compaction and prevent thatch buildup, which interferes with healthy grass. Most importantly, the holes serve as a highway for light, air, and water to penetrate and provide all of the nutrients your grass needs.

We do not rent a machine, we own it! Our crew is very familiar with its use and how to complete the job properly.

Customers often request fertilization along with this service to ensure newly seeded grass is well fed and ready to thrive.

Seeding Service Spreads New Grass Seeds During Lawn Restoration for Higher Germination Rates

Our seeding service, also called overseeding, is the next step in the lawn restoration process. Following core aeration, our team spreads grass seeds atop of new or already established lawns. The procedure ensures a high density of seed volume is spread, which results in higher germination rates.

The fullness of your grass can be restored with this process by filling in the spaces around already established yards. New lawns also benefit from the process, which begins with soil health and new seeds, and ends with lush grass covering.

Our overseeding is done using bluegrass with a rye mix. The rye seeds germinate in seven days and the bluegrass usually takes about 30 days. For best results, the procedure is usually done between late August and early October. With a little patience and proper watering, your lawn will spring back to life.

Our Aeration & Seeding Service Leads to Stronger, Healthier Grass with Better Weed Control

This Noblesville lawn is healthy and full after the aeration and seeding process.

Once the grass seeds germinate and the root systems are established, your lawn stands a much better chance of thriving as a result of aeration. With the proper nutrients reaching the healthy soil, your grass is better equipped to push weeds out, resist insects, and fight off plant disease.

The microbes in your soil will be more capable of providing natural weed control, fighting plant disease, and battling insect infestations because of its new vitality, leading to stronger, naturally beautiful grass.

Looking to get a healthier, fuller lawn? Call us today!

We can provide you an estimate on our aeration and seeding services. Call (317) 900-7151 today to get started or learn more. We provide service in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and other Indiana areas.

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