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Soil Test & Fertilization: The Science Behind Lawn Growth

Soil Test & Fertilization: The Science Behind Lawn Growth

Lawn Fertilization and Soil Testing in Noblesville, Carmel, and Westfield, IN

What do you think of when you imagine the perfect lawn? Do you picture the lush, green color of well-kept grass with no trace of weeds? Do you dream of family and friends enjoying a wonderful summer afternoon in your lovely yard? Do you see scientists with beakers investigating lawn fertilization in a research lab? Wait—what? Beakers and test tubes?

A great lawn has a lot more to do with science than you might think. If you want a picture-perfect lawn, you’ll need a lawn care company that understands the chemistry of pH soil testing and fertilizer treatments. In central Indiana, that company is Spider Lawn & Landscape, serving Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and surrounding areas.

Call for Soil Testing

Testing Your Soil to Find Out What It Needs

We don’t play guessing games when it comes to lawn fertilization. Before we develop a plan for your lawn and start fertilizer treatments, we’ll need to learn a lot more about what’s beneath your grass.

Spring is a popular time for soil testing, though we don’t need to test every spring. Unless there’s a noticeable problem, we’ll plan to test every two to three years.

Our thorough examination of your yard’s soil will include checking:

pH – Is your soil alkaline (above 7), acidic (below 7), or somewhere in between? Neutral, or a score...

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Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Fall Aeration & Overseeding?

Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Fall Aeration & Overseeding?

Professional fall aeration and overseeding in Indiana will give you a healthier, greener lawn.

Aeration and overseeding is a traditional fall lawn care service. It involves breaking up compacted soil and thatch and spreading seeds over existing grass. The result is a healthier grass with a stronger root system and more consistent color. DIYers out there may be tempted to take this on themselves, but you’ll get better results when you hire pros.

Learn why it’s better to have professionals do your fall aeration and overseeding in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, and surrounding cities.

We Use Professional Grade Equipment for Fall Aeration & Overseeding Services

Close up photo of lawn aeration services at a Carmel, IN home.

Aeration and overseeding requires specialized equipment that can be hard to get your hands on. The pros have access to quality, professional-grade equipment that can also be prohibitively expensive for a property owner to invest in, or even rent.

Our professional aeration and overseeding crews are trained in how to use equipment efficiently and effectively and can do the job in a shorter amount of time.

Professionals have more experience and knowledge. Lawn care can be more complex than it would seem on the surface, and some of that complexity is due to equipment management and understanding best practices for aeration and overseeding.

When you hire a professional, you’re hiring years of experience and knowledge that comes from...

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Is Lawn Mowing Height Really That Important?

Is Lawn Mowing Height Really That Important?

Unless you have a passion for lawn care like the pros at our mowing company, you probably are not a huge fan of mowing the lawn every single week. The monotony of this task makes it tempting to just mow the grass as short as possible and then forget about it for a few weeks--but doing this can actually spell disaster for your once healthy, green lawn.

Learn why mowing height for lawns in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, and surrounding cities is incredibly important for your grass' health.

Mowing height affects many other aspects of your lawn.

When you keep your cool-season grasses at the correct height for their type, your lawn will be much happier and healthier. The correct height of your lawn depends on the type of grass you have, whether it be tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, or fine fescue. Here's how mowing height affects other aspects:

Spider Lawn & Landscape lawn care worker mowing a yard at the proper height in Carmel, IN.

  • Photosynthesis: When your grass is too short, it cannot perform adequate photosynthesis. In turn, this has adverse effects on the health of the grass and its root system. Taller blades can photosynthesize much more efficiently and transport nutrients throughout the entire structure of your lawn.
  • Root growth: If you want shallow root growth that will cause your grass to be very weak and likely to be overtaken by weeds, insects, or fungal disease, then continue to mow at a short height. If, however, you want a strong root structure that will support a healthy, full lawn, ...
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Mowing Height Guide for Indiana Lawns

Mowing Height Guide for Indiana Lawns

If you mow your lawn, but are not doing it correctly or routinely, then you may be contributing to the turf's ultimate demise. Routine, precise mowing techniques help your lawn thrive and without them, your grass can weaken, which in turn makes it much more susceptible to the threats of fungal lawn disease or harmful insect invasions.

At Spider Lawn & Landscape, our lawn mowing experts have determined the ideal mowing heights for each type of cool-season grass that we have in Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, and nearby areas of Indiana. Learn about how you should mow Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and fine fescue.

Kentucky bluegrass should be kept at certain heights in spring, summer, and fall.

If your lawn is made up of Kentucky bluegrass, then it needs to be kept at certain heights during the growing season. In spring and fall, make sure the grass blades are around 2.5 to 3 inches in height, while the summer height should be an inch taller at 3 to 3.5 inches.

The difference in height can be attributed to the fact that cool-season grasses grow faster in spring and fall, whereas the growth slows somewhat in the summer.

Your perennial ryegrass needs to be about 2 to 2.5 inches in height.

Perennial ryegrass growing on a Noblesville, IN lawn.

When mowing perennial ryegrass, you need to make sure the grass is about 2 to 2.5 inches in height. This keeps it from getting too short. In summer, consider adding a half inch in height so that the grass will be just tall enough to...

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3 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring Lawn Service in Indiana

3 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring Lawn Service in Indiana

When you hire a lawn service to handle everything your yard needs, there are certain critical questions that you should ask before you sign a contract. Learn about three of these questions when you're looking for a lawn service company in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and nearby cities in Indiana.

1. Does the company have general liability and workers' comp insurance?

One of the first things you need to do as a property owner is to ensure that anyone who comes to do any work on your property is properly licensed and insured. For insurance, that means they need general liability and workers' comp. Have the lawn company show you proof of insurance so that you know they are telling the truth.

If a company does not have insurance and a worker is injured while at your property, you could end up facing liability issues for their injury. Avoid all of that by hiring a lawn service company with the right coverage.

2. Can the company provide all of the services you require?

Well landscaped home lawn near Carmel, IN.

Many people think that all they need is a company that mows their lawn, but there are many other services you will need throughout the year such as:

  • Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Aeration & Seeding
  • Landscape Trimming
  • Yard Cleanups
  • Snow Removal

Fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding are all vital to the health of your grass, so if you want a healthy and vibrant lawn, you will need a company that can provide those as...

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Are You Killing Your Lawn by Cutting it Too Short?

Are You Killing Your Lawn by Cutting it Too Short?

At Spider Lawn & Landscape, we love mowing lawns, but we know that for many people, it is not their favorite thing to do. In fact, a lot of those people tend to mow their lawns as short as possible to avoid mowing the grass more frequently. However, this is not a good practice to start, because cutting your lawn too short can end up killing the grass.

Learn how you can irreparably harm and even kill your lawn in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and nearby Indiana areas by cutting it too short during the growing season.

Why does it hurt your lawn to cut it too closely?

A Noblesville, IN home lawn dying from being cut too short.

In order for your grass to effectively absorb nutrients, the blades have to be kept at a certain height. When they are too short, the grass is harmed by the heat of the sun and is exposed to too much sunlight. Additionally, the shorter grass then allots more energy toward growing the blades instead of creating a deeper root system.

In turn, this weakens your grass, blades, roots, and the overall structure of the lawn. A weakened lawn will then be much more susceptible to catching lawn diseases or falling victim to insect infestations. It also will not be able to fight off weeds and can be overtaken by those invasive plants.

Lawn disease, insects, and weeds all have the potential to quickly kill off your lawn, destroying the hard work you put in to cultivating it.

How tall should your grass be during the growing season?

Stand-up mower cutting a lawn in Westfield, IN.

The prescribed height of grass blades varies by the...

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The 6 Most Popular Spring Annual Flowers in Noblesville, IN

The 6 Most Popular Spring Annual Flowers in Noblesville, IN

Now that spring fever is in full force in Noblesville, IN, and the surrounding areas, you are probably wondering how to freshen up your landscape beds. One easy way to do this is to install annual flowers. Annual flowers last for one season, but their blooms will stay for several months so long as they are watered properly and planted in the right areas.

At Spider Lawn & Landscape, we install annual flowers and seasonal color across the Noblesville area. Check out our guide to six of the most popular annual flowers in Indiana, including what colors they bloom in and where to plant them in your yard.

1. Begonias flourish in full to partial sun.

Red, blooming begonia flowers near Noblesville, IN.

Wax begonias are gorgeous and grow quickly, making them a great ground cover choice. These flowers flourish in full to partial sun, but excessive heat can stress them. They bloom in red, pink, or white. An added perk is that they do naturally repel deer, which helps keep them away from your landscaping.

2. Impatiens provide vibrant, beautiful blooms.

Bright pink impatien flowers in bloom at a Carmel, IN home.

Impatiens are a classic choice for spring annual flower planting because they do provide vibrant and beautiful blooms in purple, red, fuchsia, and other colors. These flowers need partial to full shade in order to grow well. There is a variety of impatiens called sunpatiens that do well in sunlight if you need bright colors in a sunny area of your yard.

3. Geraniums have long stems and stand out in your landscaping.

Close up photo of bright red geranium blooms near Westfield, IN.

With blooms of salmon, purple, red, and pink, the...

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3 Bare Necessity Tasks For Spring Lawn & Landscape Care

3 Bare Necessity Tasks For Spring Lawn & Landscape Care

When the growing season begins, it's vital to get your lawn and landscaping maintenance routine established. Grass and plants need to be regularly maintained throughout the growing season to ensure that they grow properly.

Learn about three of the bare necessities that your lawn and landscape need in Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, and other nearby areas in Indiana.

Establish a proper mowing schedule.

Lawn being mowed in Noblesville, IN.

One of the most important factors in lawn health is a proper mowing schedule. Typically, the Indiana growing season begins in late March or early April and lasts until late October or early November. During that time, it's vital to mow at routine intervals, such as weekly or bi-weekly mowing. Hiring a professional mowing company such as Spider Lawn & Landscape ensures your lawn will always be mowed on the same routine basis. We always follow best practices for lawn mowing and maintenance and all of our mowing visits include string-trimming, edging, and blowing.

Apply the first treatment of fertilization and pre-emergent weed control.

Along with proper lawn mowing, your grass in Carmel also needs nutrients and weed control treatments. In spring, we begin applying custom fertilizer that we create based on the results of your soil test. That test shows us where your lawn may be lacking in nutrients so we can compensate for that in your fertilization.

A pre-emergent weed control treatment will help curb the appearance of weeds in your...

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Why It's Time to Schedule a Spring Yard Cleanup

Why It's Time to Schedule a Spring Yard Cleanup

Once the winter season is over, you need to prepare your yard for spring and summer growth. There are many crucial aspects of a spring yard cleanup, and doing them all on your own can be stressful and arduous.

Here at Spider Lawn & Landscape, we give your yard the head start it needs to achieve optimal growth and look its best by performing a thorough spring cleanup. We serve both homes and businesses located in and around Carmel, Noblesville, and Westfield, IN.

Yard cleanups offer a variety of aesthetic and health benefits that you'll want to take advantage of. Check out some of the reasons why you need to schedule your yard's cleanup for the spring.

Our landscapers remove natural debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Natural debris tends to accumulate during the winter, as wind, snow, or ice can knock down branches and any remaining leaves. Our landscapers remove items like dead leaves, twigs, branches, and plants from your yard and haul it away. We always complete a thorough job to ensure your yard is free of unwanted waste.

By picking up all of the natural debris from your yard during a spring cleanup, we:

  • Eliminate burrowing spots for rodents and other pests
  • Allow water, nutrients, and sunlight to better reach your lawn
  • Reduce the chances of diseases infiltrating your lawn

As part of your spring yard cleanup, we give your lawn a fresh mow after it has exited dormancy.

Lawn mowing services in Carmel, IN.

Once your lawn has exited dormancy,...

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Our Top 3 Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Practices for 2020

Our Top 3 Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Practices for 2020

Because our lawn mowing and maintenance schedule will begin in a little more than a month, we thought it would be a good time to discuss some of our top lawn mowing and maintenance practices.

Here at Spider Lawn & Landscape, our lawn mowing services begin in late March and run through late October or early November depending on the year's weather conditions. We mow both residential and commercial lawns in Westfield, Carmel, and Westfield, IN.

As you prepare to recruit our lawn mowing and maintenance services, here are three practices we implement to keep your residential or commercial lawn in pristine condition.

1. We don't skip out on any part of the lawn maintenance process.

Some homeowners will mow their lawns themselves but fail to perform the rest of the lawn maintenance process. When you recruit our team, we won't skip out on any of the essential components of lawn maintenance. You'll receive comprehensive string-trimming and edging services in addition to regular lawn mowing visits.

Edging and string-trimming give your residential or commercial landscape a manicured look.

Our team shows up on every scheduled visit to complete a thorough job. Plus, we complete each visit by cleaning up after ourselves. We blow grass clippings back onto your grass to provide it with additional nutrients that will help it grow green and lush.

2. We ensure our lawn mowers always have sharp blades.

If you mow your lawn with a...

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