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A Westfield, IN residential lawn with well-cared-for grass.

Lawn & Landscape Company in Westfield, IN

Preserve the health and look of your property's exterior with our complete landscape maintenance company in Westfield, IN and the surrounding areas.

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Lawn care and maintenance services for residents and businesses in Westfield, IN and the surrounding areas.

Lawn mowing, mulch & rock installation, & yard cleanups are just a few of the services we provide to clients throughout Westfield, IN.

With a population of more than 40,000 people, Westfield is a mid-sized town located in Indiana's Hamilton County. Its inhabitants enjoy easy access to U.S. Route 31 and Indiana State Road 32. Filled with endless amounts of natural beauty, Westfield residents frequent natural sites like Morse Reservoir, Monon Trail, and the Cool Creek Park Nature Center.

Here at Sprout Lawn & Landscape, we offer lawn care and maintenance services for both residents and businesses. Some of what we offer includes lawn mowing, mulch and rock installation, yard cleanups, and landscape trimming. Learn more about the specific services we provide in Westfield, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Lawn Mowing & Landscape Trimming in Westfield, IN

We perform regular lawn mowing starting in late March or early April. Our lawn mowing runs until late October or early November to help your lawn thrive in the warmer months. Every time we mow your lawn in Westfield, IN, we also string-trim, blow, and edge it to produce a polished look.

In addition to lawn mowing, we also perform landscape trimming and pruning for hedges, shrubs, bushes, and small trees. Our trimming and pruning services keep your property looking well-manicured year-round. Depending on the scope of your trimming or pruning project, we use specialized tools like hedge trimmers, pole pruners, and looping shears to ensure the job is done right.

Aeration & Seeding, Fertilization, & Weed Control Preserve Your Lawn's Health

Through the process of aeration, we perforate your lawn's soil with small holes. This way, nutrients can more efficiently seep into your lawn's soil and promote optimal growth and health. We almost always recommend overseeding be performed following aeration. This allows our bluegrass and ryegrass mix to more efficiently take root and produce thick, lush grass.

To give your lawn the best possible chance at growth and ward off potential pests, we can create a customized fertilization schedule. This can include anywhere from 4 to 6 applications from spring to fall. To target invasive weeds that have already taken over, we have post-emergent herbicides on hand.

Other Landscape Services Include Yard Cleanups & Snow Removal

Cleaning up fallen leaves from a Westfield, IN yard.

As part of our yard cleanup services, we perform the following services to get your yard in the best possible condition:

In the winter, customers often seek our snow removal services to increase visibility and safety around their properties.

Contact us today to have your lawn and landscape maintained by our professional landscapers.

Here at Sprout Lawn & Landscape, we work hard to ensure your lawn and landscape look their best and are in good health. Contact us today at (317) 900-7151. We'll have our professional landscapers visit your property and create a schedule that will keep your home's exterior properly maintained.

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