When you hire a lawn service to handle everything your yard needs, there are certain critical questions that you should ask before you sign a contract. Learn about three of these questions when you're looking for a lawn service company in Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, and nearby cities in Indiana.

1. Does the company have general liability and workers' comp insurance?

One of the first things you need to do as a property owner is to ensure that anyone who comes to do any work on your property is properly licensed and insured. For insurance, that means they need general liability and workers' comp. Have the lawn company show you proof of insurance so that you know they are telling the truth.

If a company does not have insurance and a worker is injured while at your property, you could end up facing liability issues for their injury. Avoid all of that by hiring a lawn service company with the right coverage.

2. Can the company provide all of the services you require?

Well landscaped home lawn near Carmel, IN.

Many people think that all they need is a company that mows their lawn, but there are many other services you will need throughout the year such as:

  • Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Aeration & Seeding
  • Landscape Trimming
  • Yard Cleanups
  • Snow Removal

Fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding are all vital to the health of your grass, so if you want a healthy and vibrant lawn, you will need a company that can provide those as well. Keeping your landscape plants trimmed helps to ensure your curb appeal remains intact, and seasonal yard cleanups contribute to your lawn and landscape's health.

It's also good to have the same company perform snow removal services during the winter. They already know you and your property and you will feel comforted knowing that the right people are handling your snow removal needs.

Avoid hiring multiple companies for all these services and hire one that offers them all for your convenience.

3. Does the company answer the phone when you call during business hours?

With any company, successful communication is key. If a lawn company does not or cannot pledge to communicate with you and be available to answer your questions during business hours, then look elsewhere. For example, if you have an emergent issue and need to speak with someone as soon as possible, but they will not answer the phone, then you will be out of luck. You are hiring them to do a service for you and you should be able to speak with a company representative while their office is open.

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