Are you a property owner in Fishers, IN, aspiring to cultivate a captivating lawn? If so, you may find yourself contending with lawn diseases that are common in this area, such as dollar spot, red thread, brown patch, and leaf spot. Dollar spot presents as small bleached patches throughout the lawn, while red thread causes pinkish threads on grass tips. Brown patch leads to circular dead areas, and leaf spot manifests as dark spots on blades. To combat these diseases, professional lawn care companies offer curative treatments. These treatments effectively eliminate lawn diseases, so you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant lawn on your residential or commercial property.

1. Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is a common fungal disease caused by the pathogen Sclerotinia homoeocarpa. It usually strikes during warm and humid weather, especially when your lawn is stressed from insufficient water or nitrogen. Dollar spot is identifiable by the distinct white or tan spots that appear on your grass blades, which resemble silver dollars. These spots are usually around 1-2 inches in diameter. As the disease progresses, the spots can merge, causing large areas of your lawn to turn brown and thin out.

If left untreated, dollar spot can weaken your lawn over time, making it more susceptible to other issues. Your lawn's ability to withstand foot traffic, heat, and drought might decrease. Regular watering, proper mowing, and balanced fertilization can help prevent dollar spot. Fungicide application can be effective in managing the disease if it becomes severe.

2. Red Thread

Red thread, another common lawn disease in Fisher, IN, is caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis. This disease often shows up in humid conditions, primarily in late spring and early fall. You'll recognize red thread by the pinkish-red threads that extend from infected grass blades, giving the lawn a reddish or pinkish hue. Infected grass blades develop small, tan lesions near their tips, where the red threads emerge. Over time, these lesions can enlarge and cause the blades to thin out, leading to a weakened and patchy appearance in your lawn.

Red thread isn't as damaging as some other diseases, but it can make your lawn look unattractive. Proper lawn maintenance, including regular mowing, aerating, and avoiding excessive nitrogen fertilization, can help prevent red thread. Ensuring good air circulation and reducing shade in your lawn can also minimize its impact.

Even after a lawn disease has been eradicated, your lawn may require services such as fertilization, aeration, and overseeding to get back into good shape.

3. Brown Patch

Brown patch, caused by the Rhizoctonia solani fungus, is a disease that typically thrives in hot and humid conditions during summer. It's easily distinguishable by the circular, brownish patches that appear on your lawn, often surrounded by a “smoke ring” of dark, purplish grass.

The infected grass in these patches becomes water-soaked and slimy, making it prone to breaking off easily. As the disease progresses, the patches can grow larger and merge, leading to significant damage.

Brown patch weakens your lawn's root system, making it more susceptible to other stresses like drought. To prevent brown patch, avoid over-watering your lawn, especially in the evening. Watering early in the day allows the grass to dry out before nightfall. Proper mowing practices and well-balanced fertilization can also help prevent this disease.

4. Leaf Spot

Leaf spot, caused by various fungi like Drechslera spp. and Bipolaris spp., is a common lawn disease that appears as small, circular lesions on grass blades. These lesions can be brown, gray, or purplish and often have a dark border. Leaf spot is more prevalent during humid and warm conditions. As the disease progresses, the spots can merge, causing large areas of your lawn to turn brown and thin out. The grass might have a speckled or mottled appearance due to the widespread lesions.

Leaf spot weakens the grass blades, making them more susceptible to other stresses and diseases. Proper lawn care practices, such as avoiding excessive nitrogen fertilization, improving air circulation, and maintaining appropriate mowing height, can help prevent and manage leaf spot.

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