When you hear the word low-maintenance landscape, you may think of a lifeless property with no color. We're here to change that notion because it's true that you can achieve both impressive and low-maintenance landscape beds! Installing native Indiana plants and using rocks as a ground cover are practical ways to provide color and improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape without having to put in too much work looking after them. Another way that you can wow your guests while also putting in little to no effort is by installing edging around your landscape beds and using boulders as decoration. Keep reading to learn how "stunning" and "low-maintenance" can be the words that describe your landscape.

Native Plants Provide Vibrant Boosts of Colors

A bed of purple coneflowers planted near a home in Fishers, IN.

Native plants have adapted well to their region's environment, making them resilient to stressful conditions like drought. This adaptation and resiliency make native plants the perfect solution to a low-maintenance landscape, as they will thrive and create vibrant boosts of colors even with low upkeep. Some of our favorite native plants in Indiana are:

  • Purple coneflower
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • New England aster
  • Cardinal flower

These are perennial plants adapted to the environment in Indiana, so they don't need as much fertilizer and hydration. Significantly cutting back on the need to fertilize and water your plants saves you money, time, and resources!

Rocks make great, low-maintenance ground covers for your landscape beds.

A newly installed landscape bed with mulch and rock by a home in Noblesville, IN.

Ground covers in general will help reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to perform to upkeep your landscape beds and the plants within them. This is because of their ability to regulate soil temperature, retain soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, help prevent weed growth, and more. The two most popular types of ground covers are rocks and mulch. While both are great options, rock is the better choice if you are trying to achieve an incredibly low-maintenance landscape bed.

Mulch is made up of natural materials that decompose over time, meaning that you will have to replenish a mulch ground cover more often than you would a rock ground cover. Additionally, rocks are durable and sturdy, so you don't have to worry about strong winds blowing them away.

Rock ground covers should be about 2-3 inches thick to achieve the best results.

Add boulders and edging to your landscape beds.

Our landscape professional installing boulders alongside yellow flowers in Westfield, IN.

Using boulders as a design element in your gardens is the perfect way to not have to spend every weekend outside tending to your landscape. Strategically place boulders around your landscape bed to take up space in your garden and avoid filling that space with more plants to take care of. Boulders are stunning eye-catchers and require no maintenance at all!

Additionally, edging your landscape beds is another great way to minimize the time you spend outdoors tending to your yard. Edging is typically used as a design element for a landscape bed and, while it is great for design, it is also great for keeping your ground cover in place as natural elements like rain and wind take over.

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A low-maintenance landscape does not mean a bland and sad-looking space. There are options for you like stunning native plants, boulders, edging, and rock ground covers! These elements will give you an appealing landscape that does not require much work. We offer planting services, rock ground cover installation, and general landscape bed renovation services for homes and businesses in the Noblesville, Indiana area, including Carmel and Westfield. Call us at (317) 900-7151 today to schedule a consultation with our experts.