If your lawn in Indiana has become infected with dollar spot, don’t fret. This common lawn disease can be identified by little round patches that look like silver dollars all over the lawn, and it can weaken the health of the grass if it infects your turf. Fortunately, lawn care professionals can help. They can apply curative treatments to get rid of the dollar spot and stop it from spreading. Moreover, after the infection has been eradicated, they can provide additional services like fertilization which can restore a proper nutrient balance to your lawn, as well as aeration and overseeding, which can promote new growth so that your lawn grows back lusher and greener than ever before!

Understanding dollar spot and the damage it causes.

If you've noticed small, round patches of straw-colored grass in your yard, you might be dealing with dollar spot. This common lawn disease is caused by the fungi Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and Lanzia spp. Dollar spot thrives in warm and humid conditions, particularly when your lawn is stressed due to inadequate water or nitrogen.

Dollar spot gets its name from the silver-dollar-sized spots it creates on your lawn. These spots are usually white or tan and range from 1 to 2 inches in diameter. As the disease progresses, these spots can merge, forming larger areas of brown, thin grass.

Beyond its appearance, dollar spot weakens your lawn over time. It may struggle to withstand foot traffic, heat, and drought. This disease can sneakily spread, but catching it early and taking action is key to preventing further damage.

Is there a cure for dollar spot?

The good news is that dollar spot can be treated and cured. If you're facing a dollar spot infection, professional lawn care companies can help. They offer curative treatments designed to eliminate the fungus causing the disease. These treatments typically involve applying fungicides specifically tailored to target the dollar spot fungus.

By signing up for these treatments, you're taking a proactive step towards getting your lawn back in shape. Professionals know the right type of fungicide to use and the best application methods. Timing matters too, as applying the treatment at the right time can stop the spread of the disease and promote recovery.

Restoring your lawn's health after a dollar spot infection.

After successfully eradicating dollar spot, your lawn might still show signs of stress. But don't worry—there's more you can do to restore its health and beauty. Restorative lawn care services can be your lawn's saving grace.

You can fertilize your lawn to provide your grass with the essential nutrients that it needs to recover and thrive. You can also have your lawn aerated to improve soil compaction and allow nutrients and resources to better reach the roots of your grass. If you want to fill in any bare or patchy areas that were caused as a result of dollar spot damage, you can schedule an overseeding service. By combining these lawn care services, you can get your grass back on the path to full health!

The three main nutrients found in most fertilizer treatments are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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