If brown patch has taken over your lawn in Indiana, you are probably concerned. And while this common lawn disease can be a bother, it's no match for professional help. Brown patch is a fungal disease that can cause your lawn to turn brown and potentially even die. But the solution is within reach—experts can apply curative treatments to clear the infection and halt the damage. After they have eliminated the lawn disease from your turf, they can also assist with restorative lawn care services like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding which can restore your lawn to its prime condition.

What is brown patch and what kind of damage does it cause?

If you notice circular, brownish patches on your lawn that seem to appear out of nowhere, your grass might be facing a brown patch infection. Brown patch is a fungal disease caused by the Rhizoctonia species. During warm and humid weather, this fungus thrives, attacking your grass and causing those distinct brown patches.

As the disease progresses, the affected grass within the patches can become water-soaked and slimy, allowing the grass to break off easily. You might notice a dark, purplish border around the edges of the patches, resembling a "smoke ring." The patches can range from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Brown patch weakens your grass, making it more susceptible to other stresses like drought. If left untreated, it can spread quickly and mar the beauty of your lawn.

When it comes to brown patch and other lawn diseases, early detection and action are key to preventing widespread damage to your lawn!

If brown patch has infected your lawn you should hire pros to eliminate it ASAP!

If you suspect your lawn is infested with brown patch, you should reach out to lawn care professionals right away! That's because this disease can continue to spread and cause serious damage to your turf if not dealt with in a timely manner. When you call in professionals, they will be able to confirm the presence of brown patch and administer curative treatments to eliminate it.

After brown patch has been dealt with, schedule lawn care services to help your lawn recover.

After you've hired professionals to administer curative treatments to eliminate brown patch from your lawn, your grass might still need some extra care to fully recover from the infection. Luckily, there are some lawn care services that you can schedule to aid your lawn in its revival.

Fertilization is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for your grass to grow strong and regain its vigor. Aeration helps improve soil structure, allowing better water and nutrient absorption, which aids in recovery. Overseeding can also be beneficial, helping to fill in the thin areas left by the disease. These lawn care services work together to rejuvenate your grass while also making it more resilient against future stresses.

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