Now that spring fever is in full force in Noblesville, IN, and the surrounding areas, you are probably wondering how to freshen up your landscape beds. One easy way to do this is to install annual flowers. Annual flowers last for one season, but their blooms will stay for several months so long as they are watered properly and planted in the right areas.

At Spider Lawn & Landscape, we install annual flowers and seasonal color across the Noblesville area. Check out our guide to six of the most popular annual flowers in Indiana, including what colors they bloom in and where to plant them in your yard.

1. Begonias flourish in full to partial sun.

Red, blooming begonia flowers near Noblesville, IN.

Wax begonias are gorgeous and grow quickly, making them a great ground cover choice. These flowers flourish in full to partial sun, but excessive heat can stress them. They bloom in red, pink, or white. An added perk is that they do naturally repel deer, which helps keep them away from your landscaping.

2. Impatiens provide vibrant, beautiful blooms.

Bright pink impatien flowers in bloom at a Carmel, IN home.

Impatiens are a classic choice for spring annual flower planting because they do provide vibrant and beautiful blooms in purple, red, fuchsia, and other colors. These flowers need partial to full shade in order to grow well. There is a variety of impatiens called sunpatiens that do well in sunlight if you need bright colors in a sunny area of your yard.

3. Geraniums have long stems and stand out in your landscaping.

Close up photo of bright red geranium blooms near Westfield, IN.

With blooms of salmon, purple, red, and pink, the geranium is a gorgeous choice for any landscaping bed. Their long stems make them stand out among the other plants. Plant these in an area that will receive about 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.

4. Primrose can bloom throughout the summer and even into early fall.

A close up photo of a variety of primrose flowers in Noblesville, IN.

Primrose flowers come in many colors such as white, yellow, purple, cream, orange, pink, and red. Their diverse colors make them an excellent choice for landscape beds. If they are in the right conditions, they will bloom throughout the summer and sometimes into early fall. They need light shade to grow well.

5. Snapdragons come in a variety of shades.

Bright pink snapdragon flowers in bloom near Westfield, IN.

Snapdragons are a flower that can bloom in spring or fall, depending on weather conditions. They do tend to prefer cooler weather, but you can keep them blooming until mid-summer with proper watering. They come in a variety of shades such as violet, peach, orange, purple, red, white, yellow, and pink.

Snapdragons grow best in full sun or partial shade.

6. Sunflowers turn their faces toward the sun.

Vivid yellow sunflowers blooming near Carmel, IN.

The bright yellow of sunflowers is almost iconic, as it has become synonymous with summer. We recommend planting these beautiful flowers in full sun, as they are heliotropic which means they turn their faces toward the sun.

Ready to plant spring annuals in your Noblesville, IN landscaping beds?

If you are ready to plant annuals in spring, then the pros at Spider Lawn & Landscape can help! We install annual flowers and seasonal color throughout Noblesville, IN, and the surrounding communities. Give us a call today at (317) 900-7151 to set up an estimate!