When it comes to fertilizing your lawn in Indiana, timing is crucial. There are multiple times throughout the year that your lawn should be fertilized. In order for lawns in this area to thrive, they should ideally receive two rounds of fertilization in the spring—one in the beginning and another towards the end. These treatments help your lawn recover from its winter dormancy and prepare it for the upcoming summer. Next, you should apply another treatment in the middle of summer to keep your lawn strong in the face of high temperatures and low rainfall. In the fall, two more treatments are needed—one at the start of fall to help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer, and another toward the end of fall which will help prepare your lawn to stay healthy while dormant during the winter months.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the spring to promote a thriving lawn.

As a property owner in Indiana, you need to fertilize your lawn multiple times throughout the year. In the spring, apply two fertilizer treatments to give your grass the boost it needs after the winter months. These treatments are crucial as they set the foundation for a lush and vibrant lawn.

The first lawn fertilization treatment of the year should be applied in the early spring. This treatment is designed to help your lawn exit winter dormancy and start the new growing season off on the right foot. Towards the end of spring, apply the second treatment. This second treatment will supply your lawn with the nutrients that it has already used up during the spring and will help strengthen your grass in preparation for the upcoming summer.

Apply a lawn fertilization treatment to your turf in the summer.

As summer arrives, your lawn faces heat and potential stress from foot traffic and activities. To help it endure the challenges of the season, apply another fertilizer treatment in the summer. During this time, your lawn benefits from a steady release of nutrients that sustain growth and health. The ideal time for this treatment is around late June or early July, when the grass is actively growing. This application ensures that your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to remain vibrant and strong throughout the heat of summer.

Entrusting your fertilization treatments to a lawn care professional helps ensure that your lawn gets just the right amount of fertilizer!

You should fertilize your lawn twice in the fall to help it recover from the summer and prepare it for the winter.

As the fall season gets underway, you should apply two more fertilization treatments to your lawn. The first treatment should be applied in the early fall and it will help replenish the nutrients your lawn used up during the summer and will help it recover from any summer-related stress. You should also apply another round of fertilization to your lawn toward the end of the fall. This second treatment will replenish your lawn's nutrient supply so it will have an ample supply to feed off of during the winter. By fertilizing your lawn at the end of the fall season, your grass will have a better chance of emerging healthy the following spring.

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