With your lawn in dormancy and everything covered in snow, winter may seem like a sleepy time here in Indiana while you wait for spring to come. However, it's the perfect time to start planning your spring landscaping projects! Landscaping companies are slower during this time and thus can put full attention toward your needs. Any project will need allotted time for designing before installation begins, so if you start in winter, it'll be ready to build as soon as spring arrives with less timeline stress! The other benefit to this is since you're working ahead of the curve, you'll be able to get first dibs on ground cover, plants, pavers, and other materials that are your top choice. As they say, the early bird gets the worm – and that's exactly what'll happen when you start planning your spring landscaping project in winter!

Landscaping companies are slower in winter, so they can give you their full attention.

A landscape bed topped with red mulch in Fishers, IN.

Due to the weather, landscaping companies are typically slower during the winter. The benefit this provides to you is that they'll have more bandwidth available to focus entirely on you! With them having more time to spend on your project, you'll be able to take full advantage of their attention to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed before things start rolling in the spring. This will result in a smoother planning process overall and create an environment that the perfect project can be born from!

By planning in winter, you'll also get ahead of the waitlist that will inevitably be put into effect for spring!

Designing in winter will mean come spring, installation on your project can start right away.

Our landscape professionals planning a customized landscape design in Carmel, IN.

The first phase of any project is going to be the design process. When spring hits and you've been waiting all winter long to start your project, you'll be itching for installation to begin – not design! If you don't start in winter, being too eager to start installation in spring may result in rushed decisions that you don't feel great about later. Spend the time designing and perfecting your project during winter when you'll have ample time to review and consider all the factors. That way, come spring, you can be confident about your project and the installation can start right away and lead to an amazing result.

When you start planning in winter, you'll get the first pick of materials for your landscaping project.

A white home with colorful landscaping in Fishers, IN.

As soon as spring arrives, everyone is going to want to start their landscape projects, and the demand for resources will increase. However, when you start your spring landscaping project in winter before everyone else, material demand will be much lower. The chances of picking out the perfect piece of the project just to find out it's on backorder for two months are almost nonexistent, so you won't have a bunch of reselections that end up changing the entire design you had in mind! With more access to materials, you'll get first dibs on everything from ground cover, plants, pavers, and more to ensure that your project comes out exactly how you envisioned.

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Whether you're interested in planting annual flowers for color and interest or a full landscape bed renovation, we can help. At Spider Lawn & Landscape, it's our promise to you that no matter the time of year you start planning – winter or not – we'll devote full attention to you and your project. We'll labor over every detail in both the design and installation phases of your project to ensure it comes out without a flaw! We proudly serve Noblesville, IN and nearby cities like Carmel and Westfield. If you're ready to get started on your spring landscaping project, call us today at (317) 900-7151 to schedule your consultation!